Special products

PTL MH30FD, circular access door
Pneumatic access door
Electric access door
Access door series 4000
Cover PTL540

Cover PTL540 for ozone or alum

PRETAL cover PTL540 , were developed for very high corrosion
application. They are fabricated from stainless steel and the
frame is to be cast in concrete. To obtain the maximum seal, the
cover is bolted to the frame and a EPDM seal is glued to the leaf
and rests on the frame.

Drawing cover PTL540

Complimentary Stainless Steel 316 accessories
for the Ozone cover

    • Ladders PTL100
    • Safety posts PTL130
    • Retractable ladder PTL120
    • Hand guide PTL125
    • Crinolines PTL140

Required specifications

The ozone cover shall be made from AI316__ AI304__ as
provided by PRETAL standards and the size being specified
on the plans.