Special products

PTL MH30FD, circular access door
• Pneumatic access door
Electric access door
PTL4000 UV Access door

Pneumatic Access door

Our R&D department developed the PRETAL pneumatic access
door for the use in industrial facilities where the need to moved
equipments from different storey is required. With pneumatics
cylinders positioned on each leaf, this system is designed to
safely open and especially close, without any effort from the
user, any single or multiple leaves hatches.

The automatic pneumatic system is available for any PRETAL
access door 2000 series and it is recommended for very huge
opening. A 100psi air compressor is required.

The following options are available for the pneumatic access door:

  1. Additional control for multiple locations
  2. Non-return valve
  3. Thermal insulation (IN)
  4. Seal arrangement upgrade (NB, ND)
  5. A manually operated retaining lever arm to keep each leaf in a 90° open position.

Complimentary accessories for the pneumatic access door

  1. Ladders PTL100, safety posts PTL130,
    retractable ladder PTL120
  2. Crinolines PTL140
  3. Removable handrails PTL060, PTL065
  4. Intermediate landings PTL700 and PTL750
  5. Davit lifting mechanism PTL500 for equipments

Required specifications

The access door PTL2000 shall be with pneumatic cylinders and will
be made of AL __ SS __ GS __ as provided by PRETAL standards.
The option L__ N__ I__ and the size being specified on the plans