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PTL MH30FD, circular access door
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PRETAL MH30FD circular access door

In recent years, customers, health safety department, municipal
public works representative and expert consultant firms have requested fabrication of an assisted circular access door who
could be open with a minimum effort from the operator.

PRETAL access door MH30FD is assisted by 2 cylinders to allows
easy access. A self-locking retaining lever arm will keep the cover
in a 90-degree open position. Two hand-guides are located within
the cover for a secure access. The access door is fabricated from ductile cast iron and the accessories from type 316L stainless steel.
It is also secure and lockable. Its design provides an optimal seal capacity allowing for loads described in the CAN/CSA-S6-88. It also meets the following standards:

  1. ASTM A-48 cl.30
  2. ASTM A-536 gr 65-45-12
  3. NQ3221-500(94)
  4. CSA W59

Drawing MH30FD

The following options are available for model MH30FD:

  1. Thermal insulation (IN)

Complimentary accessories for the access door MH30FD

  1. Ladders PTL100
  2. Intermediate landings PTL700 and PTL750
  3. Davit lifting mechanism PTL500 for equipments

Required specifications

The access door shall be model MH30FD as provided by PRETAL standards as specified on the plans. Insulation option
IN__ is required.

MH30FD ready to open
MH30FD lock openning
MH30FD openning level 1
MH30FD open
Mh30FD inside view
MH30FD lock closing level 1
MH30FD seal tight closing