Special products

PTL MH30FD, circular access door
Pneumatic access door
Electric access door
PTL4000 UV Access door

Access doors - Series 4000

PRETAL 4000 series, were develop to access UV desinfection
lamp. They are designed with a frame to be cast in concrete.
They are available in aluminum, the frame is built from a precision

The series 4000 access door is available with double leaves
installed face to face. They have a capacity of 2.2kN.

In certain case, when the aren't enough space with the lamp in
a upright position to open the leaves, we add a folding section.

Each hatch PTL4000 are custom fabricated according to the dimension supplied by the UV system manufacturer.

Complimentary accessories for the access door PTL4000

  • Removable handrails PTL055, PTL060, PTL065

Required specifications

The access door shall be model PTL4000 with 2 leaves made from
AL as provided by PRETAL standards and the size being specified
on the plans.

Closed hatch

1 leaf open

2 leaves open

Hatch close with UV lamps up for maintnance