- A reference guide easy to use
- Net unobstructed opening
- Specification guidelines for engineering designs
- Maintenance
- Corrosion

A reference guide easy to use

The PRETAL access doors and accessories descriptions were
prepared as a complete working guide, well structured and
easy to use. Also a typical drawing for each item is available.
These drawings, in .pdf format, are ready for printing to
accelerate the approval process of your project

The fabrication section highlights the PRETAL access door
construction details. Each detail is clearly illustrated with
an accurate technical description. This section also describes
the different materials used in the construction of PRETAL
access doors.

The series 1000, 2000, 3000 and MH are showed in detail
with all the current models. You will notice that it is possible,
regardless of our standard size, to specify the exact dimensions
required for your project.

The accessories section will help you select various PRETAL
complimentary components.

Each section is clearly identified with an appropriate tab
permitting a quick access to each product. All the pertinent
technical information such as descriptions, specifications and
available options concerning a particular item are showed.

Codification example of an Access door:
PTL2250-2 AL 9176 LZ NB IN BM HA

PTL 2250-2 Basic series of door
AL : Materials of construction
(AL aluminum, SS stainless steel, GS galvanized steel)
9176 : Net unobstructed opening (910X760mm)
(91) Length, facing hinges (in hundred of mm)
(76) Width (in hundred of mm)
LZ : Leaf type
(LZ diamond pattern, LI plain, CA grating)
NB : Type of seal
(NA, NB, ND, NE)
IN : Insulation
(IO without, IN Insulated non-protected,
IG protected with wire mesh, IT protected with a plate)
BM : Type of locking and latching mechanisms
(BS standard latch series 1000 & 2000
BM lockable latch series 2000 only)
HA : Drain codes series 2000 only
(HA standard position)
Specify orientation and location of each drain.
VB vertical drain in location B                                        
HC horizontal drain in location C

PRETAL Accessories are shown individually