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- Net unobstructed opening
- Specification guidelines for engineering designs
- Maintenance
- Corrosion

Specification guidelines for engineering designs

A) Specify quantity and size

  • Supply ..... access door(s) having an unobstructed opening
    of ..... mm in length by ..... mm in width

B) Specify the number of leaves

  • This door shall have one leaf
  • This door shall have two leaves with a face-to-face opening
  • This door shall have ..... leaves that shall open on a
    common axis

of series (015, 020, 050, 125, 250)

C) Leaf specification

  • The leaf shall be of AL ..... SS ..... GS ..... and the surface
    finish shall be plain LI ..... antiskid diamond pattern LZ .....
    grating (series 050) CA .....

D) Frame specification

  • The frame shall be series 1000 ..... 2000 ..... 3000 .....
    and be fabricated of AL ..... SS ..... GS ..... . It shall have
    a plant applied bituminous covering to prevent chemical reactions with the concrete or masonry.

E) Frame specification for drains

  • The frame series 2000 shall have a drain opening of
    38 mm (1.5") in diameter for a Vertical ..... or
    Horizontal ..... drain connection.

F) Opening mechanism specification

  • Hinges shall do the leaf articulation and the hinge design
    shall allow a 90° leaf opening without hindering the
    retaining mechanism.
  • The leaf is maintained in the open position by an automatic
    locking lever arm. The locking arm is easily unlocked with
    one hand.
  • The oil filled cylinder shock absorber is pressurized with
    nitrogen and is designed to assist the opening mechanism
    limiting the lifting force to a maximum of 22kg (50 pds).

G) Seal specification

  • Watertight seals type A ..... B ..... D ..... E ..... shall be installed between the frame and the leaf of the
    access door.

H) Insulation specification

  • The leaf for series 1000 and 2000 shall be insulated
    by 50mm Airmetic or equal sprayed polyurethane.
    The insulation shall be left bare or protected with wire
    mesh or a plate.
  • The leaf and the frame of series 3000 will be insulated
    with a foil-faced polyisocyanurate foam sheathing
    of 50mm with insulation factor R14

I) Latch specification

  • The access door shall have an automatic latching system
    having a permanently installed operating handle on the
    inside and a removable operating handle on the outside.
  • For the 2000 series only, an integral lockable hasp shall be
    supplied permitting the installation of a customer-supplied
    padlock. The hasp shall be the PTL020 model and will be
    welded to the frame of the access door.

J) Access door generic specification

  • The access door shall be PRETAL model PTL ..... with one
    or many leaves and the size specified on the plans.