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PRETAL Gate box cover PTL530

PRETAL gate box cover model PTL530 is an access to a gate
operating mechanism. Its opening shall be determined by the
type of access which is required by the operating mechanism.
Its aluminum cover is bolted to the aluminum frame of the series
1000 access doors resulting a watertight cover plate (level E).
The gate box is fabricated from aluminum and is embedded in
the concrete floor and its standard height of 300mm can be
adjusted to meet the floor thickness.

Drawing PTL530

A model PTL520 valve box can also be installed in the gate box
cover, for access to the operating mechanism.

Drawing PTL530 with 520

Required specifications

The gate box fabricated from aluminum shall be PRETAL model
PTL530, having ____mm wide X ____mm long. It shall be
____ mm high. A valve floor box PTL520 type 75 __ 100 __
125 __ shall be install in the cover.