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PRETAL Retractable ladder PTL120

PRETAL retractable ladder model PTL120 is designed to be used
with the ladder PTL 100. The ladder rungs are installed between
two vertical side members. The rungs are non-skid and offer an
excellent grip. Retractable ladders are fabricated from anodized
aluminum, stainless steel or galvanized steel.
The ladder is held in position with a simple but efficient locking mechanism. The basic advantage of the retractable ladder is to
offer an appropriate distance above the door to facilitate safe
access to a fixed ladder. When the ladder is in the down position,
the access door leaf can be closed normally.

Retractable ladder is fabricated in 1500 mm length.

It is recommanded for ladder of 2100mm and up.

Drawing PTL120 Aluminum

The following options are available for model PTL120:

  1. Locking mechanism for square rung.
  2. Locking mechanism for round rung.

Required specifications

The retractable ladder, fabricated from AL __ SS __ GS __ shall be PRETAL model PTL120 and shall be 1500 mm long. The locking mechanism shall be for _____ rung.