PRETAL access door PTL3015E

PRETAL access door model PTL3015E is designed for surface mounting. The light duty single leaf makes this door very practical
to access a stairway, where space limitations are important.
They are designed to resist loads of up to 0,7 kN. This lightweight
door is highly recommended for roof doors and required
the installation of a flashing.

Access door PTL3015E is available in two standard sizes:

Aluminium  Single leaf LI NA IN BM
Unobstructed opening : 1524x762mm Drawing
  2438x762mm Drawing

Complimentary accessories for the access door PTL3015E

  1. Removable handrails PTL055, PTL060, PTL065

          Required specifications:

The access door shall be model PTL3015E as provided by PRETAL standards will be made of AL ..... GS ..... with the options LI NA IN BM and the size being specified on the plans.