Access doors - Series 1000

PRETAL series 1000 access doors are designed with a frame to
be cast in concrete, or masonry. They are available in aluminum, stainless steel or galvanized steel. The aluminum frame is built from
a precision extrusion, while the frames for stainless steel and galvanized steel doors are a welded fabrication. They don't accept

PRETAL series 1000 access doors are normally used inside or
in areas where draining is not required. This type of frame will accept leaves of the series 050 or 125. Leaves of the series 250 cannot be used with the series 1000 frames.

The series 1000 access door is available with single or multiple
leaves installed face to face or side by side. It is also possible
to combine the aluminum frame with stainless steel leaves.

The most commonly used access doors are offer as a standard product, available from stock with the same quality and the lowest price possible. The PTL1050 standards items are:

Aluminium  Single leaf LZ NB IO BS
Unobstructed opening : 762x762mm Drawing
  914x914mm Drawing