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To adequately fulfill your needs, we offer four types of leaves.
They can be fabricated with aluminum, stainless steel or galvanized steel, depending on the application they are intended for.

PRETAL leaves are available in four different series, 015 and 020
for snow loads, 050 for standard loads, 125 for average loads
and 250 for heavy loads. (see chart)

The opening and locking mechanisms shall be bolted to the underside of the leaf allowing for easy replacement. Other parts of the leaf are welded to the surface plate.

The series 015 and 020 leaves are designed for use in light loads
such as snow loads. Used exclusively with the series 3000 frame,
the 015 leaf is normally used for roof doors and the 020 leaf is used
for drinkable water reservoir.

Series 015 and 020 - 3000 Series frame
(Minimum load — TD)

The series 050 leaf is the basic design used for PRETAL access door and is fabricated from 6 mm thick plate to which are welded 6 X 50 mm reinforcing members. Used with the series 1000 and 2000 series frames, the 050 leaf construction offers excellent rigidity for normal loads.

Series 050 - 1000 and 2000 Series frame
(Standard loads — LD)

The series 125 leaf is designed to meet the load standards
determined by specification CAN/CSA-S6. The 6 X 125 mm reinforcing members are spaced accordingly by our engineering department. Also, its two complementary supports on the frame confers it an additional load capacity. To be used with the series 1000 and 2000 series frames.

Series 125 - 1000 and 2000 Series frame - (Average loads)

The series 250 leaf is our toughest and heaviest leaf available, using 6 X 250 mm reinforcing members strategically spaced by our engineering department. For added strength, we have added four complementary supports. The 250 series leaf is for exclusive use with the 2000 series frame.

Series 250 - 2000 Series frame
(Heavy loads — HD)

Leaf load capacities
Maximum loads Chart for single and multiple leaves :

Leaf series
Uniform (2)

Rectangular (3)
Two pneumatic

250 / HD
80,0 kN (1)
18,000 lb
178,0kN (4)  40,000 lb
125 / S6 (5)
80,0 kN (1)
18,000 lb
050 / LD
015 / TD
020 / TD

Notes relative to maximum loads:

  1. The leaves are designed to support an off-the-road vertical
    load when the weight is limited to 10,000 strain cycles,
    without impact and fatigue during their useful life. The load
    should be uniformly distributed to the surface where the
    primary load bearing members have a maximum span of
    1829mm for the series 250 (HD)
    and 1067mm for the
    series 125 (S6)
    Refer to our engineering department for longer spans.
  2. The load per unit of measurement is uniformly distributed
    over the leaf area. One or more leaves can be mounted
    in parallel. For smaller surface areas, the maximum load
    is calculated from the load per unit of measurement.
  3. The rectangular load can be located anywhere and
    in any direction on the leaf’s surface area.
  4. The leaves are designed to support a total load
    (dynamic + static) when the number of strain cycles is
    more than 10,000 during their useful life. When the access
    door is located in a high frequency and heavy traffic area.
    The load bearing cylinders can only transfer the load on one
    leaf at a time. The primary load bearing members have a
    maximum span of 1829mm for series 250 (HD) and
    1067mm for series 125 (S6).
    Refer to our engineering department for longer spans.
  5. The leaves for series 125 are built to the following standards:
    CAN/CSA-S6-88-MS200-77 and AASHTP-H20-S16