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Frame and leaf insulation series 3000

All doors of the 3000 series are insulated. Both the frame and leaf are filled with a foil-faced polyisocyanurate foam sheathing of 50mm with insulation factor R14

Access door insulation - Series 1000 and 2000

Depending on the operating conditions, access doors series 1000
and 2000 can be sprayed with polyurethane underneath the leaf.
The Airmetic product meets ONGC 51-GP-23M standards. This polyurethane compound is a remarkably resilient and stable insulating material. Its thermal resistance by ASTM C-177 standards is 1.34 m²°C/W (72.6ft²hrºF/Btu-in) and is fireproof.
The insulation can be protected with a wire mesh or a full plate. This will protect the insulation from operational damages and will be more esthetic.

Frame insulation with wire mesh type protection
series 1000 and 2000

Frame insulation without protection
series 1000 and 2000