Each part of the access door, the leaf, the frame and all other components have been meticulously studied for both design and materials of construction. Each shall be described in a comprehensive and explicit way to assist you in your selection.

An important factor in the fabrication of a PRETAL access doors is the choice of the materials of construction. Aluminum (AL) is recommended because of its lightweight, corrosion resistance etc. We also offer you the choice of galvanized steel (GS) or stainless steel (SS). The following table shows the different alloys used as standard materials in the PRETAL access doors.         


  • Leaf - 5086H and 3003H
  • Frame profile - 6063T5
  • Structural - 6061T6
Stainless steel
  • Leaf, frame profile and structural - 304 and 316
  • Mechanism (retaining lever arm & hinges)- 304
    (316 for stainless 316 hatch only)
  • Bolting - 308

Galvanized steel ASTM A-123

  • Leaf - 50 & CHT 100
  • Frame and structural - A36, 44W, C-1015