Fabrication - Hinges - Back

The design shall be such that a 90° opening is available without jamming the mechanism.

The PRETAL hinges for frames Series 1000 and 2000

The PRETAL hinge design offers an optimum operating efficiency under all operating conditions. The rotating members and pins are located inside the access door, protecting the mechanisms from snow, frost damage and also eliminates contact with outside objects. This inside configuration eliminates the possibility of seizure due to dust accumulation, corrosive atmosphere or in freezing conditions.

Our hinges are made from 304 stainless steel. Hinges are
bolted to the leaf, thus, in case of damage, they can be quickly
and easily replaced.

When opening the leaf, the hinge design allows a rotation, which brings the leaf towards the back of the frame. This allows easy opening and clears any debris accumulated on the surfaces away from the door opening.

The PRETAL hinges for frames Series 3000

Two single hinges, bolted in place, allow the leaf to open. They are protected by the edge of the access door.