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PRETAL Intermediate circular landing PTL750

PRETAL landing model PTL750 is fabricated from aluminum (I-bar),
stainless steel (F-bar) or galvanized steel (F-bar) grating. The
landing and support members shall be made to measure.
Landings can be supplied with one or multiple access doors.
The modular fabrication allows an easy installation.

Drawing PTL750 2 doors for discussion

Circular landing PTL750 with 2 access doors
photo #1 - photo #2

Each landing shall be designed by our engineering department
in respect with the charges specification including the
implementation of all the mechanical process.
Consult the allowable loads for grating table.

Complimentary accessories for grating landing PTL750

  1. Ladders PTL100, safety posts PTL130, retractable ladder PTL120
  2. Crinolines PTL140
  3. Removable handrails PTL050
  4. Roof ladder PTL110
  5. Davit lifting mechanism PTL500 for equipments

Required specifications

The landing fabricated from AL__ SS__ GS__ shall be PRETAL
model PTL750. It shall be ___mm in diameter with ___
access/service door.