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PRETAL vent model PTL510 is used to provide adequate
ventilation below ground areas. These vents are available
in several diameters and are fabricated from stainless steel
11 gage pipe. These vents could be fabricated according to
models Goose neck, Mushroom top or with a top plate to support
a mechanical vent.

Drawing PTL510 Goose neck

When required, the vent base can be embedded in concrete
or anchored to the surface with stainless steel anchors.

A Double vent is also available with supports for a control panel.

Drawing PTL510 Double vent, Goose neck

Required specifications

The vent, fabricated from stainless steel, shall be PRETAL model
PTL510. It shall be ____ mm in diameter, and the base shall be
embedded in concrete__ anchored to the surface __. The surface
length shall be ____ mm and ____mm below the slab.