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PRETAL Safety post PTL130

PRETAL safety post model PTL130 is designed for a fixed
ladder PTL100. The anodized aluminum post slides vertically
in a stainless steel guide, which locks and unlocks by using
one hand only.

The basic advantage of the safety post is to offer an appropriate distance above the door to facilitate safe access to a fixed ladder. When the post is in the down position, the access door leaf
can be closed normally. Safety post is 1500 mm long.
It is also available in stainless steel.

It is recommanded for ladder of 2100mm and up.

Drawing PTL130

The following options are available for model PTL130:

  1. Square rung ladder attachment.
  2. Round rung ladder attachment.

Required specifications

The safety post, fabricated from AL __ SS __, shall be PRETAL
model PTL130. The ladder attachment shall be for square __
round __ rung.