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PRETAL Hand guide PTL125

PRETAL hand guide model PTL125M is a 1000mm section of
a wall-mounted ladder. The hand guide is normally used when
a wall is located in the front of an access door.

Drawing PTL125M Aluminum

PRETAL hand guide model PTL125P is a 1000mm section of
a ladder anchored to the floor, when the wall in the front of
an access door is located at over 300mm.

Drawing PTL125P Aluminum

The hand guide PTL125 is an alternate to the safety post
or the retractable ladder.

Hand guides are fabricated from anodized aluminum, stainless
steel or galvanized steel. Safety caps are installed on the top
ends of the vertical side members.

Required specifications

The hand guide, fabricated from AL __ SS __ GS __ shall
be PRETAL model PTL125 for installation on the wall __ floor __
facing the access door. Stainless steel anchors are included.