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PRETAL Roof ladder PTL110

PRETAL roof ladder model PTL110 is designed for a permanent
wall installation, giving access to a roof. The ladder rungs are
installed between two vertical side members. The rungs are
non-skid and offer an excellent grip. Roof ladders are fabricated
from anodized aluminum, stainless steel or galvanized steel.
The angular mounting plates, solidly anchored to the wall, firmly
hold the ladder in position with a standard 150mm wall clearance.
The vertical side members transform themselves into an approach
ramp at the roof level, thus facilitating the body movement
between the ladder and the roof.

Roof ladders can be fabricated in any lengths using a 300mm multiple.

Drawing PTL110 Aluminum

Complimentary accessories for model PTL110

  1. Crinoline PTL140

Required specifications

The roof ladder, fabricated from AL __ SS __ GS __ shall be
PRETAL model PTL110. The length shall be ____ mm.
Stainless steel anchors and the mounting pads are included.