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PRETAL Safety System SecuriPlus PTL070 ©

SecuriPlus PTL070 © is an integrated grating/railing systems
offering the maximum security to anyone working close to any
floor opening or when opening an access door. Photo

A safety grating prevents anyone from falling down. His conception
will support a charge of 300 lbs. per sq.ft. or a concentrated
maximum charge of 947 lbs. Photo

To free the opening, the user must bring the grating in his 90º
upright position, and unfold the railings. A horizontal extension
settles and locks them in position. Each side must be extended
in his vertical position and locked to comply with the national
building code. The user, can at his choice, select which side
will be used as an access entry to the underground chamber.


In respect with the national building code, the Safety System SecuriPlus PTL070 ©, is available when the unobstructed length
is higher then ____ mm and the width is higher then 800 mm.

The Safety System SecuriPlus PTL070 ©, is available only with the following PTL2050 access doors

PTL2050 : unobstructed opening ______ x ______ mm
PTL2050-2 : unobstructed opening ______ x ______ mm

Required specifications

The aluminum Safety System SecuriPlus © as provided by PRETAL standards PTL070 will be fixed to the access door PTL2050
with an unobstructed opening of ____ x___ mm.